Well maybe you…

As you may already know, Orion Heart Photography offers a variety of services including Wedding and Engagement photography. An area of this market that we are yet to move into, is LGBT and same sex weddings/ engagements. So, if you are part of the LGBT community and or in a same sex relationships, then yes Orion Heart Photography needs you.

We are currently looking for LGBT/ Same sex couples within the Southampton and surrounding areas that would like to take part in a FREE, YES FREE, photoshoot so that we can use the images to promote this type of photography. If you’re interested, please read on and if not, thanks for stopping by and keep your eyes peeled for more updates! 🙂

What do we need?

We literally need you, your partner and a location of your choosing. Maybe somewhere that means something to you or you both like to visit. Oh and maybe some nice weather or sunset

What will happen?

A date, time and location will be arranged and if you would like to meet beforehand then a face to face meeting or Video call can be arranged to work out all the details. If not, this can happen over email. Once all the finer details have been arranged and ironed out, a photoshoot with Megan will take place and then the images will be processed and uploaded to this very website.

What do you get from this?

You and your partner will get all the edited images in whichever format you prefer. Either USB stick, CD/DVD and or WeTransfer (digital download).

I’m interested, now what?

Great! Feel free to get in contact with us and we can go from there. You can contact us by email, Instagram, Facebook message and or by person.

Email: hello@orionheartphotography.co.uk

Instagram: @Orionheartphotography

Facebook: @Orionheartphotography