Creative: Lens Ball

Orion Heart Photography Presents:

Creative Lens Ball…

What is a Lens Ball I hear you ask? Well its a fun little tool that allows photographers to give different perspectives to their images. A little similar to using a prism. The crystal ball gives the illusion of the subject being flipped upside down. Whilst this may look a little strange, they’re incredibly good fun to use. Not only does it test your technical ability, to ensure that the subject being refracted in the ball is in focus, but also your creativity. Not every photograph opportunity will make for a good Lens Ball photo.

The other really cool thing about using this, is that it’s a talking point. Whenever I use my trusty Lens Ball, other photographers will gather around me to try and see what I’m doing. On a recent visit to Oxford, I was using the ball and an American photographer had noticed what I was doing. When I stepped into the gift shop, it sparked a conversation and he started asking me what I was using it for and what the desired effect was. Luckily, I had a few examples on my phone and he seemed really interested in what I was doing.

The biggest/ only down side to using these, is that they are a little on the heavy side and when using a heavy DSLR, unless I use the little stand that was provided (which isn’t always possible), it takes another person to hold the ball whilst I set the shot up or a tripod.

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