Southampton Lightshow

For the third year in a row, Southampton played host to yet another fantastic light show! For the last three years, Westquay Esplanade has been infiltrated with a variety of light exhibits and of course, the colourful water features.

Orion Heart Photography went along to take advantage of the installations and brush up on some low light photography skills. Last year was shot using the Canon 6D and Sigma Art 24-35mm F/2.0 lens and you can see those photos featured in the portfolio section of this website. This year was a little different and was instead shot on the Sony A7iii with their 24-70mm kit lens.

Being a mirrorless camera meant I could really push the A7 to its limits and see how it responded. Safe to say, I was pretty happy with the results and actually won the competition put on by Westquay themselves.

It’s only been a month but Orion Heart Photography is already looking forward to seeing what next years installations may bring.

The winning photo for Westquays #Letlightin photo competition.

For more photos, take a look at the gallery below!